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Plantonomy offers you automated crop control

It’s finally here! We’ve captured the best climate and watering recipe for growing predictable, high-quality crops. Plantonomy has proven itself on a large scale by running full growing cycles autonomously.

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Gain control

Make your yield more predictable.

Automate predictability

Gain consistent production via a digital agronomist.

Scale up

Increase the growers’ span of control and scale up your business.


Successful in large greenhouses.

After years of testing on a smaller scale, Plantonomy was ready to take on bigger greenhouses. So over the past few years, we’ve grown several types of crops on a large scale. Using our model for climate and watering, we’ve now grown acres of tomatoes and chrysanthemums with extraordinary results. Now that the model has proven itself, our clients can trust their business operations will thrive with the assistance of Plantonomy. 

Big wins when using Plantonomy:


  • It significantly improves production consistency 
  • It increases a single grower's span of control.
  • It makes the chances of a successful crop cycle less dependent on the grower alone.
  • It improves the quality of your crops
  • It saves on labour and energy
  • No expensive sensors to purchase
Peter Kamp

Founding father Peter Kamp

Crop Systems Innovator, Peter Kamp was highly involved over the more than 10 years it took to develop this sophisticated growing model. His insights have been the key to scaling these digital services.

We’ve managed to capture his unsurpassed wisdom in the product, which allows all growers to actually double their span of control.


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