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Plantonomy offers you automated crop control

It’s finally here! We’ve captured the best climate and watering recipe for growing predictable, high-quality crops. Plantonomy has proven itself on a large scale by running full growing cycles autonomously.

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Gain control

Make your yield more predictable.

Predictable Results

Have consistent production, the desired results and fewer worries.

Scale up

Increase the growers’ span of control and scale up your business.


Easy to use dashboard

  • Only a few computer inputs are needed, the grow model takes care of the rest
  • Use the slider to control the grow factor between vegetative and generative phases.
  • Control your dashboard using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Successful in large greenhouses.

After years of testing on a smaller scale, Plantonomy was ready to take on bigger greenhouses. So over the past few years, we’ve grown several types of crops on a large scale. Using our model for climate and watering, we’ve now grown acres of tomatoes and chrysanthemums with extraordinary results. The business operations of our beta clients can now rely on Plantonomy. Read the story of Mike Flux, grower at APS in the United Kingdom, here.

Big wins when using Plantonomy:
  • It increases a single grower’s span of control.
  • It makes the chances of a successful crop cycle less dependent on the grower alone.
  • It leads to consistent crop development.
  • It can improve crop quality and quantity and will lead to a more efficient use of water and energy.
  • Insight and control from your mobile phone, when and where you want.
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Founding father Peter Kamp

For more than 10 years, Priva has been working with Crop Systems Innovator, Peter Kamp, to design the sophisticated growing model that drives Plantonomy’s success. His insights have been key to scaling up this digital service.

We’ve managed to capture his unsurpassed wisdom in the product, which allows all growers to increase their span of control.


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