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Manage your medicinal crops strategically

To grow medicinal plants, consistency is paramount. Phil focuses on building a complete ecosystem which places you, the grower, at the center.

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Indoor farming

Why Phil?

Indoor farming and greenhouses are in Phil’s DNA. Over the past 60 years we’ve built the most reliable and useful products in the business.

With the growing interest in medicinal plants, we’ve applied our knowledge to these crops by helping our clients manage the entire growing phase.
Yield becomes more predictable, as a result of detailed climate and irrigation control throughout the whole growing cycle. You run the show!

Phil Crop Cycle Manager

Phil Crop Cycle Manager

With Phil Crop Cycle Manager, any grower can use their proven recipes to duplicate the results they need, every single time.

Our web-based product gives you valuable insights into your data. With the ability to create batches, import recipes and get notifications on your actual progress, you can plan ahead and guarantee success.

“Growers should look at technology as a toolkit to help them make better decisions themselves, not as letting decisions be made by somebody else.”

André de Raadt - Product Owner Phil


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Want to join our community of beta clients for Phil Crop Cycle Manager?

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