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Market smart services for growers around the world

We are transitioning into a digital first future. New services are increasingly sold as a subscription and via online/direct channels. To increase our digital presence, we actively reach out to potential leads, and convert these leads into (BETA) customers. We are looking for a dedicated Digital Marketeer to plan our global outreach and conversion of these early adopters.


Be an Innovator

Innovation is one of the 4 core values within Priva. To make innovation concrete (and not to have it as an abstract, strategic buzzword), we need focus and a different development cycle (other than traditional technology development with constant customer interaction and experiments). This is the reason for the creation of Priva Horti Innovation Labs. The name says it all: we are proudly part of Priva, focusing on the Horti market, where new services are being developed in a controlled experimental environment.

It is Priva's vision that digital services will to a large extent create value in the coming decades for our current (more than 10,000) Horti and Indoor customers and beyond. This vision is (of course) based on the input of our customers.

This is how we combine our domain knowledge and our large client base with the ability to deliver new services quickly and with scalability in mind.


Position Details

We are looking for an experienced and motivated online lead generator. You’ve spent a few years learning the tricks of the trade and are ready to put your skills to work, helping a passionate team in growing our digital sales channel and results. We are looking for a self-starter who has a passion for creative thinking, a love for analytics and a strong and deep understanding of social-digital platforms, and emerging tech. You are proactive and can evaluate the feasibility of complex campaigns and help to steer the ship towards success. However, the most important thing is that you can personally connect to the mission of Priva.
In addition, we think that we are a match if you have these qualities:

What we're looking for:

  • 5+ years of digital experience. You must have experience managing digital advertising across multiple social media platforms.
  • Tech savvy, ability to navigate tools such as google analytics, Hubspot, etc.
  • Strong creative content development skills.
    A shared passion and curiosity for making a change. This included comfort with ambiguity, a restlessness to resist the status quo, and a commitment to quality that ensures we’re always making progress.
  • You are currently living in the Netherlands.

We're seeking proactive problem solvers, AGILE culture advocates, start-up culture comfortable, risk-taking, data-driven ambitious game-changers. To achieve this, we are looking for people for several positions to strengthen our team.

The Team

Be prepared to enjoy some team time with us!

Our team enjoys having some quality time together to inspire, reset vision and ambitions for creating things that matter and learn how to improve ourselves. 

But hey, when we take time to be together, why not  have a lot of fun too?! 

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