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Grower Intelligence

Bring greenhouse data to the next level, your way.

Monitor and analyze all your valuable greenhouse data simply, with Phil's Grower Intelligence.

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Compare crops, multi-site.

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Answer your questions, react accordingly and get better results.

Use of greenhouse data

Optimal use of greenhouse data

Running a greenhouse, you end up with a lot of different data: production figures, work time registration, climate data, water use, etc. In addition, you grow a variety of crops in different compartments, maybe even in several locations.

It’s challenging and time-intensive to figure out what all this data means for your crops. Phil's Grower Intelligence makes your data insightful. As an existing Priva client there’s no need for a separate screen, so you’ll get an overview more easily.

All the answers you need

Grower Intelligence lets you truly benefit from the available data in your greenhouse. Pick the data, monitor and easily analyze what’s going on. It hands you the tools to answer key questions. 

Find answers with Grower Intelligence to questions like:


  • Why is compartment ‘A’ getting worse results than compartment ‘B’?
  • What was my production in 2017 compared to 2019?
  • How did labor affect my crop?
  • How did crop type ‘A’ perform in all departments? 
  • How did location ‘A’ perform compared to location ‘B’?
  • How did changing irrigation change the yield?

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