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Grower Intelligence

Priva's Horticulture Innovation Lab (Phil) is proud to present, Grower Intelligence! Gain real insight from your greenhouse data and learn how to improve results with all the metrics for yield, plant growth, climate, and irrigation combined at the crop level.

Compare crops at any location, with any variety, at any time. Answer your most important questions today!


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Check out the video below and see how you can track how your crops are doing
with KPIs that show overall performance.



Discover real insights

Greenhouses generate a lot of data: production figures, labour registration, climate data, and water use to name just a few. In addition, you may grow a variety of crops in different compartments — maybe even in several locations.

It’s challenging and time-intensive to figure out what all these metrics really mean for your crops. Grower Intelligence makes your data truly insightful, and as an existing client you get all this on your familiar Priva screen.

GI-PlantGrowth-600pxSmart Views for busy growers

No longer do you need to mix and match all the data sources yourself; use Smart Views to quickly find your information.

While there is no single view tailored to address all the questions you may have in your greenhouse, with just a few smart presets we can often help you quickly find the right answers. Sign up today!

“Reading a chart is difficult; making the right chart is even more so. Most people are best served with simple, out-of-the box charts that represent the data in an easily recognizable way.”



- Nienke Veenendaal, Product Designer


Compare Crops

Compare crops at any location & time

Easily spot differences in crop conditions & behaviour in any of your greenhouses.

Compare multiple aspects for two crops simultaneously, or dive deeper to see individual compartments. 

Grower Intelligence

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