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Data-driven gains for smart greenhouse personnel

We’ve developed digital services for high-tech greenhouses which combine our in-house knowledge of crops with the benefits of tech and data use.

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Data driven gains for greenhouse personnel
Complex greenhouse innovation

Join Phil in our quest to achieve more gains with less effort.

Massive progress in tech and new data opportunities makes working with greenhouses more complex each day. But thanks to our 60 years in the greenhouse space, we know the challenges you face.


Get more out of your greenhouse


Grower Intelligence

Smart data use can make a huge difference in greenhouses. Today, a grower needs to oversee a lot of variables. To get the best results out of all available and valuable data, a clear overview is essential. Grower Intelligence enables focus and helps you get a handle on your data.

How Grower Intelligence will change the way you work:

  • Combines climate data with labor data
  • Recognizes and analyzes trends and changes
  • Ties data sources together from multiple locations
  • Enables you to think long term

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With Plantonomy, we’ve captured the best recipe for growing predictable, high-quality crops. It enables smooth and reliable production, so growers can focus on the details.

Plantonomy also creates the possibility of scaling up. Master grower Peter Kamp was highly involved in the more than 10 years it took to develop this sophisticated growing model. His wisdom and insight have been the key to making the Plantonomy a reality.


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