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Data Science

Time for a holiday?

When was the last time you had a holiday... a true holiday, where you actually forgot about your work, even if only for a day or two? A holiday where you went with your family to some faraway resort, and had a nice cold beer on the beach not worrying, or even thinking about whether your greenhouse was ok?  


Is it even possible?

I bet it’s been a while, but then again, that’s only natural. It’s your business and income after all, you wouldn’t be able to go without food or a roof over your head for a day or two either. No one can run it better than you, so even if you did take a holiday, it would be difficult to trust that someone else would be able to take care of your business as competently in your absence. 


Do you trust yourself?

But what if we could clone you — a digital clone, capable of everything you are in terms of running your business... a model of you, that contains all your knowledge and decision making power. Would you be able to trust yourself? 

At the Priva Horticulture Innovation Lab, we do innovative things to transform the Horticulture industry, pushing it forward into a new age where solutions based on data and Artificial Intelligence help growers optimize their greenhouses in many different ways, such as autonomous growing, optimization of labor forces, and automatic monitoring of plants.  

These solutions make growers feel they’re in control of their business, while not having to spend every minute of every day thinking about it. They trust that the solution is taking good care of a part of that business, and that they will be notified if their attention is required. 


Start packing your sunscreen!

Data Science has the potential to make a digital model of your knowledge which can be turned into a solution to help you run your greenhouse where your plants continue to thrive, your labour is scheduled automatically, and you can easily see how your crops are doing without needing to physically check. Finally you can have a real holiday! 


Ready to get started?

On this page, we link to posts where we describe in more depth the solutions we speak of, so that you don’t feel like it’s all magic or nonsense.

Curious? Take a look or contact us! 

Matthias Schuurmans
“At Phil, Data Science has no value until the model really helps the grower”

Matthias Schuurmans
Data Science Lead, Phil


How Can Data Science Help Me?

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