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Wanted: AgTech startup magic

We want to learn from savvy go-getters like you and give you the support you need to succeed.

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AgTech startups wanted
AgTech startup

The AgTech startup landscape is bursting at the seams and we love it!

Constant change and technological progress are what makes our industry so interesting. At Phil, we’re on the hunt for the most innovative, ambitious AgTech startups in the horticulture and agriculture business.

We want to learn from savvy go-getters like you and give you the support you need to succeed. Phil offers you a rich ecosystem of experience to benefit from. We want to keep you growing.


"CEA founders, 41%, reported having no prior experience in agriculture."
source: 2019 Global CEA Census


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Looking to break into the AgTech market with a new product or service? Wouldn't it be great to gain access to the world's largest indoor agriculture customer base?


Phil by Priva is looking to partner with early-stage companies interested in working with an industry leader to improve their product offerings, validate their market strategies, and leverage Priva's infrastructure to deliver best-in-class digital services.


Westland, a greenhouse hotspot

As a proud member of Priva, Phil is based at the Priva Campus in De Lier, The Netherlands. The campus is located in the center of the Westland region, Western Europe’s greenhouse hotspot.

Priva is the world leader in environmental control, water management and energy solutions for the agricultural and horticultural industry.

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“A key theme that I have seen ... is a recognition of the need to collaborate more, whether that is between farmers or between big companies and startups.”

Seana Day - AgTech Landscape 2019 AgFunder News

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