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In our quest for collaboration, we open our doors not only to people and businesses within agriculture and horticulture. The answers sometimes lie in other industries which relate to us in one way or another.

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Phil by Priva

Why Phil?

As the worldwide market leader in our industry, we have a lot to offer. Phil draws from 60 years of experience and expertise in agriculture and horticulture.

In that time, we’ve built a deep connection to our clients. We know what drives them and what’s holding them back. We invite you to join and benefit from our ecosystem.

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Collaborations everyone benefits from

Priva and Phil love strong collaborations that make the world a better place.

This past year we’ve joined forces with 80 Acres Farms and Ocado Group to set up Infinite Acres. This joint venture makes the most of Priva’s knowledge by combining it with vertical farming know-how (80 Acres Farms) and IT solutions (Ocado Group).

Infinite Acres works to produce local food in densely populated areas under controlled conditions, combating food waste and food shortages around the world.

Infinite Acres
“Our three partner companies provide an unbiased form of collaboration. From concept to consumers' tables, we bring a unique value proposition to this underserved marketplace.”

Tisha Livingston, chief executive officer of Infinite Acres


What makes Phil happy?

We’re looking for smart partners who can build stronger solutions with us. Our clients face challenges relatable to other industries, such as:

  • Knowledge and labor shortage
  • Striving toward sustainability
  • Streamlining production
  • Pricing
  • Process optimization


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