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Who's Phil anyway?

Phil (Priva Horticulture Innovation Lab) was launched to create real-world change by making horticulture and greenhouse innovation move faster.


Phil by Priva

We are proud to be founded by Priva, a worldwide market leader in environmental control, water, and energy management solutions for the agricultural and horticultural industry.

Phil wants to connect with the brilliant minds of our clients and businesses that support them, and beyond.

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Why Phil?

Phil turns extraordinary knowledge and valuable horticulture data into world-class products. Our partners and customers face new challenges in this fast-growing industry.

Share your day-to-day challenges with us, and we’ll find creative solutions that meet the needs of growers and other stakeholders.

We’ll hook you up with the tools to help you make better decisions and reach new heights in time management, resource management and yield quality.


Where does Phil live?

Phil has created a fast-paced base within the Priva Campus in De Lier, The Netherlands. The campus is located in the center of the Westland region, Western Europe’s greenhouse hotspot.

You’re invited to drop by our bustling Phil headquarters to enjoy a coffee and cookie on us, and unveil new opportunities together.

Don’t be a stranger.

Who’s part of the Phil team?

Phil is nothing without his mega-talented innovators. Meet our team.

Alastair Monk
Alastair Monk

VP Digital Services - Horticulture

Ally is Phil’s number one fan. This horticulture startup founder/digital services champion is the hardest working lazy man you’ll ever meet. He’s a father of three and husband of one. He loves long walks on the beach with his dog, music festivals, playing golf and sailing. All activities mentioned above sometimes involve whiskey...

Gerard Woudstra
Big G

Dev Team Lead & Data Platform Head

Big G (aka Gerard Woudstra), is a star developer/coder. Not only is he the proud father of some cute cats, he is also a keen participant in multiple sports keeping him active each week. How we build what we build always goes through Gerard.

André de Raadt
André de Raadt

Product Owner

André is the biggest world traveler of us all (yes, even more than Dirk, and that's saying something). High-class innovator (Priva's FS Performance was his brainchild). Oh, and also an awesome father.

Thomas Eekhof
Thomas Eekhof

Product Designer

“To surf or to hike, that’s the question.” Thomas is a Product Designer that loves nature, board-sports and cooking with veggies. At work, he focusses his creativity for the better of our clients, but in his spare time, he creates for himself — by painting, writing and tattooing.

Kevin de Kok
Kevin de Kok

Business Development

Having first joined Priva in 2011 as a consultant, Kevin signed up with Phil 9 years later in 2020 to assist with our business development. Kevin enjoys swimming in his spare time.

Aderjaan van den Berg
Aderjaan van den Berg

Software Developer

Aderjaan is a Phil rookie but a super accomplished .NET Developer, experienced SQL Server and Azure developer. He not only loves his wife and 3 wonderful kids, he likes good beer and can’t live without coffee. Thumbs up!

Robert Kievits

Software Developer

Master software developer by day, pub quiz and escape room enthusiast by night. In his free time he’s not only a super cool dad (with a second kid on the way), but also loves to kick back and watch F1. If there’s still some time left, he travels. Yes, this guy has it all.

Evan Sousa
Evan Sousa

Software Developer

Evan is a passionate developer who loves to prototype and create cool projects. In his spare time he enjoys playing video games and watching anime series. He also suffers from a huge gadget addiction.

Virgil Ansems
Virgil Ansems

Software Developer

Virgil is an enthusiast full stack developer with special interest in security. Mostly you'll find him running around and helping people find solutions for difficult problems. Luckily Big G gets him to the Crossfit box frequently so he can clear his mind. He loves multiple sports, a good glass of wine and he is the best dad ever (according to his daughters).

Ferdi Seegers

Software Developer

Ferdi is a passionate and driven software developer who loves making innovative products with a team of good-humoured people. When he's not making software he's either traveling the world, drinking whiskey with some friends or having some quality time with his wife and his lovely dog Harvey (yes from the series Suits).

Matthias Schuurmans

Data Scientist

Having graduated after studying Artificial Intelligence at VU and UvA nearly a decade ago, Matthias has joined the Phil team in part to help realize his ambition of addressing climate change through facilitating globally sustainable food production. An avid gamer, hiker, and beer enthusiast, Matthias is welcomed as the latest edition to our growing Phil family.

Felipe Schadeck

Jr. Data Scientist

Felipe moved to The Netherlands after leaving a comfortable life in Brazil where he worked as an Agricultural Engineer for Monsanto, finding himself living in student housing and studying at Wageningen to pursue his dream of becoming a Data Scientist – quite a change! A chance meeting with Priva at GreenTech led to his internship at Phil almost a year later, and we couldn't be happier to have him on the team!

Alexander van Tuyll
Alexander van Tuyll

Junior Data Scientist

Alexander joined Phil as a data science intern while he completes his Masters degree in Biosystems Engineering at Wageningen University. In his spare time, Alexander enjoys cricket, cooking, working out, and recently rediscovered his love of architectural drawing.


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